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Important tentative dates

Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration & muscles-
Enzymes, Nutrition & Digestion-
Circulation, Blood & Immunity-
Respiration & Excretion-
Unit A-Matter & Energy Flow in an Ecosystem-
Unit B-Population Change-
Bio 20 Final Exam-

*** Remember for the Final Exam bring your photo ID, pencil, and eraser! Leave all electronics (ipods, phones, iwatches), purses, backpacks, hats and jackets in your locker.

 *** Remember the final exam is worth 30% of your overall final grade while the other 70% comes from your course assessments with me.

*** Please see my main page for the Re-write Policy and understand that the re-write of any major exam is usually a determined day after school usually within 1 week of the original exam. No in-class days will be given to re-write exams. 

Notes Packages

Here are simple versions of my notes packages:

Unit A Bio 20 Unit A

Unit B Bio 20 Unit B part 1  Bio 20 Unit B part 2

Photo/CR Bio 20 photo notes Bio 20 CR notes

Muscles  Bio 20 Muscles notes

Nutrition/Enzymes Bio 20 enzymes and nutrition notes

Digestion Bio 20 Digestion notes

Circulation Bio 20 Circ notes

Blood & Immunity Bio 20 Blood and Immunity

Respiration Bio 20 Respiration notes

Excretion Bio 20 Excretion notes 

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To look at the Alberta curricular objectives for Biology 20 go to

Final Exam Review

To see answer keys to the reviews please come in and see me, or for the new review package answer key click here Bio 20 Review Answer Key (Caution: all answers are in the answer key but may be in a different order than they are in your review package!)  or to check you answers for the Bio 20 Final review multiple choice practice quiz click here Bio20FinalReviewmultiplechoiceanswerkey

Final Exam Review Questions

1) --> The login is: ei.sal/ The password: foot

2) --> The Login is: LA15 /Password: 3950

The above Learn Alberta website link will link you to Alberta Bio 20 Curriculum Outcomes, next to the outcomes if there is a 'backpack' link, click on it and there will be some resources (quizzes, worksheets, etc) to study from.

3)Use to watch videos to help you understand some of the key Biology 20 concepts. A great website to help you study. Go to videos and type in a key concept in the search engine.

4) ***See my Bio 20 google classroom for Final Exam Review resources, study checklists and information.